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>Is this the case for you and price promotions

In business,Sinometrics on January 24, 2008 by mstevensrev

>I find this is true in my personal life and have trusted it in my professional life. Was wondering if anyone felt significantly different. When you cut price you expose the true value. Hard work needs to be done on what the particular price should be and then it should be stuck with, at least if you are passionate about it. The things I buy on promotion are things that I don’t care about. When I pay full price I am nuts for it.



>Naked Translations?

In Evangelist,Localization,Sinometrics,Translation Services on January 8, 2008 by mstevensrev

>No this is not a new marketing scheme from Sinometrics. Since I have switched to Google Reader I have been checking out the recommendations they make for me to add in my news feed. Nice service Google!

Today they recommended Naked Translations Translation Blog. After checking it out is is really cool. For those who have interest in where words/common expressions come from this will definitely interest you. Enjoy.


>Crowdsourcing, movement in translation

In facebook,Localization,Sinometrics,Translation Services on December 31, 2007 by mstevensrev

>This is pretty amazing. I am thrilled for facebook and am very interested in how they will take ont his massive onset of content management. I am trying to find out more of the how, what and where of their process but overall the entire idea thrills me and I hope it goes well. This could really change the way that I do business and business like Sinometrics.


>No longer Dolla, Dolla Bills Yall

In Fun,Localization,Sinometrics,Translation Services on November 14, 2007 by mstevensrev

>But in a melancholy turn, another noted altering the hook to a famous Wu-Tang Clan tune – to say “Euro, Euro bill, y’all” instead of “Dolla, dolla bill, y’all” – just wouldn’t have the same ring to it.

Those rappers effecting my industry:


>Automated Translation

In Localization,Sinometrics,Translation Services on November 9, 2007 by mstevensrev

>You hope that your first translation won’t be you last translation when it works out like this…

URL: Babelfish Sparks Minor Diplomatic Row


>New World

In Localization,Sinometrics,work on October 9, 2007 by mstevensrev

>Here is a chart taken from the Web Worker’s Daily upcoming book, I found it at

I think alot about work and what it means for today, I would like to hold on to this chart and think about it more, and then comment on it. Working in a small company that serves as touch point between technology and a service it seem logical for me to think we might be albe to work differently, offering something different that would be of amazing benefit to our clients. “it” still has not hit me yet though.


>Global Watchtower…nails my world

In Fun,Localization,Sinometrics,Theology on October 4, 2007 by mstevensrev

>Global Watchtower is the hot trade publication for the localization industry. I am amazed with how this article exactly what I think about. As a matter of fact a friend said to me yesterday you can’t be President if your not a “Christian”.

I love that these guys don’t shy away from hot topics! Great job


>Microsoft Japan does well!

In Fun,Japan,Microsoft,Sinometrics on October 2, 2007 by mstevensrev

>Went to a Bellevue meeting of the Japanese-American Society where Darren Huston, CEO of Microsoft Japan spoke. Great job, if Microsoft’s future is conversation this guy is doing his part. He did a great job explaining the business climate for Microsoft in Japan. Did you know that they are the #1 brand in Japan? That’s pretty impressive considering Sony, Toyota, and other majorly popular Japanese Companies.

What surprised me is that in Japan their lifestyle tech is far more advanced than here, but according to Darren their work place productivity is far lower. It seems that Japanese business culture as a whole does not get how much technology can advance the workplace. Interesting. And very surprising to me.

Three other highlights: 1. He took a shot at Apple, saying that Japanese do not like person music players because they want to have all in one devices. I get it, but Microsoft need to not be so sensitive about Apple. 2. He spoke very favorably of virtualization to assist in Japan to help update some of the old server systems they have built on. 3. Made a plea for open systems in Japan. It seem 60% of the market is controled by 4 companies. His plea for open systems made me somewhat confused? Open for Microsoft, open source? Regardless it was interesting and made me want to know more. 4. Lastly ESL in Japan is the next big thing! A family is willing to pay 2K-3K a year to have a child learn English. Might be something to think about investing in.


>Sinometrics makes lunch

In Fun,Sinometrics,Theology on September 29, 2007 by mstevensrev

>Today our office did something really cool. We all arrived at work, most of us our normal time, others came in early, and then at 9:30AM we went to a soup kitchen to prepare and serve the homeless in our community lunch. It was a really great time, and a great thing for our owner to get us involved with.

Again my world’s coming together. While in Oakland, I was involved in this work at least once a month. Now I am doing it as a salesperson. We fed well over 200 people and had a great time doing it. In addition to our office there were a number of other volunteers who were great to serve alongside.

Because I know how much fun actually serving the meal can be, and how much of an impact that can have on someone who has never done it before. I washed dishes the entire time. It was exhausting but thankfully I chatting with the other regular volunteer the whole time and we really enjoyed it! I was back in the office for a few more hours, but the damp food smell of my clothes finally got to me about 3:30 so I headed home. All in all it was a really great experience!


>This one is pretty cool!

In Localization,Sinometrics,Translation Services on September 28, 2007 by mstevensrev


Japanese to English at the touch of a button.