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Just in time for a blog push

In blogging,business,Microsoft,Uncategorized on June 14, 2011 by mstevensrev

Currently my new job has lots of great things going on…and I get to have my fingers in many pies. Of course selling is at the core of what I do but my hiring was because of my marketing background as well. So I’m beginning to make a push for Averro, and going to the current website you will understand why.

Just in time for this Hugh Macleod from the reposted, The Porous Membrane: Why Corporate Blogging Works with some new thoughts:)  ALIGNMENT is what I am thinking tons about right now.   As a small company much of what is done is on the reputation and relationships of individuals.  This is good, because we have great people.  But as we all know to say in the tech world, err “it does not scale”.  So let’s bottle what we do as individuals and let the world know we care about the work we do.

Hugh also sent me on to Sarah Dopp, “Can I have a witness?” Enjoy.



>The last act of a desperate advertiser

In advertising,commercials,computers,Microsoft on April 14, 2009 by mstevensrev

>What happens when nothing works in advertising? For one reason or another you can’t say 3 out of 4 doctors recommend (or whatever affinity group there is for you product), or someone else owns ‘cool’, then what are you left with? KIDS.

Now you see this in the cigarette industry, science shows smoking is bad for you, and Marlboro owns cool with the Marlboro Man, so what is Camel to do? Joe Camel. Now you see something similar with Microsoft’s most recent advertising. Cute, smart articulate kids.

This is part critique but also just an observation. I am the type of person who loves to watch, “Kid’s say the darn’est things.” Actually in college I would watch it on Friday night before going out, so I really am dorky for cute kids. The commercials are cute and they send a few good messages. First computers are easy to use, and second kids are creative and should be encouraged in creativity.

If you haven’t seen them yet check the out: The Rookies: Alexa, Age 7


>The Road of Relationships is a wild one…what are you riding in

In Blue Monster,Friends,Microsoft on December 21, 2007 by mstevensrev


I have been convinced that the only thing that matters in life are the relationships you build. The old question, “What’s going to be going through you mind on your death bed?” Not which stock you should have bought, whether you went to the right school, or the deal you should have closed, but rather was I a good dad, husband, friend, co-worker, etc.

This bus is a reflection of that to me. Hugh the artist who created the Blue Monster created it after talking to people about why the still work at Microsoft when they could make more money and not take so much crap at other places. The story is online in a few places check out Hugh telling it. From there the monster was born, now there are stickers, a facebook group, t-shirts, wine, and even a bus.

Also what is cool to me is the people on this bus. The are smart active people who probably rub each other a great deal. I use te term rub intentionally because though they don’t see eye to eye on everything and probably get on each other’s nerves there is a collective connectiveness about their work that makes one another better.


>Microsoft Japan does well!

In Fun,Japan,Microsoft,Sinometrics on October 2, 2007 by mstevensrev

>Went to a Bellevue meeting of the Japanese-American Society where Darren Huston, CEO of Microsoft Japan spoke. Great job, if Microsoft’s future is conversation this guy is doing his part. He did a great job explaining the business climate for Microsoft in Japan. Did you know that they are the #1 brand in Japan? That’s pretty impressive considering Sony, Toyota, and other majorly popular Japanese Companies.

What surprised me is that in Japan their lifestyle tech is far more advanced than here, but according to Darren their work place productivity is far lower. It seems that Japanese business culture as a whole does not get how much technology can advance the workplace. Interesting. And very surprising to me.

Three other highlights: 1. He took a shot at Apple, saying that Japanese do not like person music players because they want to have all in one devices. I get it, but Microsoft need to not be so sensitive about Apple. 2. He spoke very favorably of virtualization to assist in Japan to help update some of the old server systems they have built on. 3. Made a plea for open systems in Japan. It seem 60% of the market is controled by 4 companies. His plea for open systems made me somewhat confused? Open for Microsoft, open source? Regardless it was interesting and made me want to know more. 4. Lastly ESL in Japan is the next big thing! A family is willing to pay 2K-3K a year to have a child learn English. Might be something to think about investing in.