>Microsoft Japan does well!

In Fun, Japan, Microsoft, Sinometrics on October 2, 2007 by mstevensrev

>Went to a Bellevue meeting of the Japanese-American Society where Darren Huston, CEO of Microsoft Japan spoke. Great job, if Microsoft’s future is conversation this guy is doing his part. He did a great job explaining the business climate for Microsoft in Japan. Did you know that they are the #1 brand in Japan? That’s pretty impressive considering Sony, Toyota, and other majorly popular Japanese Companies.

What surprised me is that in Japan their lifestyle tech is far more advanced than here, but according to Darren their work place productivity is far lower. It seems that Japanese business culture as a whole does not get how much technology can advance the workplace. Interesting. And very surprising to me.

Three other highlights: 1. He took a shot at Apple, saying that Japanese do not like person music players because they want to have all in one devices. I get it, but Microsoft need to not be so sensitive about Apple. 2. He spoke very favorably of virtualization to assist in Japan to help update some of the old server systems they have built on. 3. Made a plea for open systems in Japan. It seem 60% of the market is controled by 4 companies. His plea for open systems made me somewhat confused? Open for Microsoft, open source? Regardless it was interesting and made me want to know more. 4. Lastly ESL in Japan is the next big thing! A family is willing to pay 2K-3K a year to have a child learn English. Might be something to think about investing in.


2 Responses to “>Microsoft Japan does well!”

  1. >Or a reason to move there. – Chain-Smoking Pachinko-Playing Expats

  2. >Yes it did bring back some longings for a place I’ve never been.

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