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>Automated Translation

In Localization,Sinometrics,Translation Services on November 9, 2007 by mstevensrev

>You hope that your first translation won’t be you last translation when it works out like this…

URL: Babelfish Sparks Minor Diplomatic Row


>New World

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>Here is a chart taken from the Web Worker’s Daily upcoming book, I found it at

I think alot about work and what it means for today, I would like to hold on to this chart and think about it more, and then comment on it. Working in a small company that serves as touch point between technology and a service it seem logical for me to think we might be albe to work differently, offering something different that would be of amazing benefit to our clients. “it” still has not hit me yet though.



>Global Watchtower…nails my world

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>Global Watchtower is the hot trade publication for the localization industry. I am amazed with how this article exactly what I think about. As a matter of fact a friend said to me yesterday you can’t be President if your not a “Christian”.

I love that these guys don’t shy away from hot topics! Great job


>Worlds Connecting: The Montecarlo Semantic

In Localization,Translation Services on October 3, 2007 by mstevensrev

>This is a really cool video produced by Microsoft’s Channel 8. Again I track a little with the guy, but it gets past me pretty quickly.

Check out how he is able to deduce truth. Weight and quantity. The importance or weight of what is true is huge in the discussion, who sets that, is there a bias. Second how often do you find it? Is it any wonder that Christianity falls out of favor with many because of it’s lack of quanity in the current Western World, we are the part of the world where the faith is in decline. (that was a leap from language and math, but hopefully you’ll ask if it was too much).

The idea of asking questions and having them answered through techonology is really exiting to me. Also the potential this has when it comes to language is great.


10/3 Update: Had a great conversation with a friend about this post today at lunch. Too much to go into detail on. One edit I need to make to my original comments is that according to the video the Montecarlo Semantic randomly assigns values to the particular statement, therefore they are not rated by a subject person, but rather the patterns emerge from random values with enough data.


>This one is pretty cool!

In Localization,Sinometrics,Translation Services on September 28, 2007 by mstevensrev


Japanese to English at the touch of a button.


>Social Objects, Marketing, and Translation

In Localization,Sinometrics,Translation Services on September 24, 2007 by mstevensrev

>This is an issue I am having to deal with now and often it feels like I am about to jump off a cliff when I really get a handle of a part of this theory. I am not really sure how to apply it as a sales monkey, but with vision there seems to be plenty of application in our industry. Check out Hugh’s video on the link below.

For us it is words (noun) and I’m not so sure about the verb, measure up? The distinction everyone in our industry tries to make is that of quality? But is there any real difference. If there is can we back it up financially or relationally? Send us any document to translated and if you can find better quality you get it for free, that seems like it could be costly but isn’t it worth it. Doesn’t that make Sinometrics as a company strive to accomplish something in a tangible way that other people are not? I cannot be sure if a guarantee is a social object though. So I am still thinking.


>Technology Assisting Translation of Ancient Languages

In Localization,Sinometrics,Translation Services on August 30, 2007 by mstevensrev

>This is interesting for me on two levels. First I am very familar with the tools that are available to scholars for Greek and Hebrew since I used the through seminary. Now there is new technology that will assist with other ancient langugages.

UAT Instructor Creates Cuneiform and Hieroglyphic Translator

The second side is how language translation is effected by technology. I am very interested in what market disruption through technology would look like for the localization industry. It hasn’t quite clicked for me yet.


>Company Names and translation

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>A good laugh here, but really does it make any difference if hulu’s market is not swahili?


>Some insight into why WPC was good for Sinometrics

In Localization,Sinometrics,Translation Services on August 15, 2007 by mstevensrev

>Donald A. DePalma writes a piece outlining some of the problems that we have in the localization industry with our trade shows in Common Sense Advisory. Too many, none distinguishing themselves, and same ol’ speakers. I’ll be interested in what positive suggestions they add to the conversation.

For me I’m in sales so I’m looking to learn, but my main priority is to find the next lead. So my hope is that we find a way in the industry to improve our story and find more people who want to hear it. We are getting geared up for Localization World, my first so I have some excitement, but honestly we would not be there if it were not in our home town of Seattle, WA.


>Machine Translation not quite there

In Localization,Sinometrics,Translation Services on August 15, 2007 by mstevensrev

>In my mind I think it should be. But once again I ran across another hopeful group that is closing up shop because we still have so far to go before we can get accurate translations. BabbleMail closed it up today.