>Worlds Connecting: The Montecarlo Semantic

In Localization, Translation Services on October 3, 2007 by mstevensrev

>This is a really cool video produced by Microsoft’s Channel 8. Again I track a little with the guy, but it gets past me pretty quickly.

Check out how he is able to deduce truth. Weight and quantity. The importance or weight of what is true is huge in the discussion, who sets that, is there a bias. Second how often do you find it? Is it any wonder that Christianity falls out of favor with many because of it’s lack of quanity in the current Western World, we are the part of the world where the faith is in decline. (that was a leap from language and math, but hopefully you’ll ask if it was too much).

The idea of asking questions and having them answered through techonology is really exiting to me. Also the potential this has when it comes to language is great.


10/3 Update: Had a great conversation with a friend about this post today at lunch. Too much to go into detail on. One edit I need to make to my original comments is that according to the video the Montecarlo Semantic randomly assigns values to the particular statement, therefore they are not rated by a subject person, but rather the patterns emerge from random values with enough data.


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