>Transparency for Service Providers

In Localization, Sinometrics, Translation Services on August 14, 2007 by mstevensrev

>Just came across an interesting article directed at companies like Sinometrics. 6 things your localization agency doesn’t want you to know. It seems that Cat’s company has been able to find great translators directly that have satisfied their need. This is the case for many companies, and who can blame them. As much as I would like to sell them my services, they have to do what is best for their bottom line.

So it leads me to questions like, “What is the proper place of service companies?” Often I must deal with companies who are in Cat’s position or at least exploring the option. What I find is that they want to concentrate on the core strengths of their business rather than spending energy finding people to handle localization projects for them. Why is it that many people use dry cleaners? Some prefer the way a dry cleaned shirt looks. For them it is an issue of quality. Others would rather spend their time on something else rather than ironing clothes. Now there are many companies that exist for this reason. When was the last time you changed the oil on you car? You might even know how, but you probably chose not to.

What I really like about Cat’s post is that she is confronting some of the myths of the industry. There are bad ways to use TM’s of clients to manipulate them into continuing to do business with you even though you are not providing excellent results. That should be exposed. Now Sinometrics handles the TM’s differently, they are owned by our clients so they can use them as they please. There are other fees involved with working with agencies because they carry overhead. Very few translators are hiring a salesteam to go out there and scurry up business. Our agency is able to work in agile programming enviroments, we are not as flexible as working direct, but pretty close.

My impression of the industry is there is a lot to learn and my hope is that the more Sinometrics is able to listen to criticism like Cat’s the better we will be able to evolve as a company.


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