>Further thoughts on my bogging

In Fun, Localization, Translation Services on August 9, 2007 by mstevensrev

>This post is inspired because I went back and reviewed this new blog that I created and noticed a few things.

First I am a total dork and was very excited that Steve Clayton: Geek in Disguise commented on that first entry. Now the bad news I have yet to upload the picture he is commenting on, but as they say “the check is in the mail”. My wife and I were reviewing the pictures on our camera yesterday, and guilt washed over me. Thankfully Steve has been gracious so far, and hasn’t banished me from Friends of the Blue Monster Group on Facebook. I am sure my time is limited. Steve’s comment excites me because he is one who seems to get that which I am still trying to get. From my seat he is a A lister. The down side I feel on blogging, which has been communicated over and over again is the ‘A listers’ and everyone else. Now the fact that someone I respect and enjoy commented on my blog says something about the accessability of the tool. I have yet to recieve a phone call or email from an author I read and respect, Fredrick Buechner has yet to give me a call…though I haven’t left him any VM or emails. Perhaps that is part of it, the conversation is less intimidating or/and invested. I read, I learn, speak up when it makes sense to, and we all go on with our lives. Pealing it all back is what I mean by Steve gets what I am trying to learn.

Second, the content of my blog is not tight. Consistantly I am able to blog on the Psalms. That is a discipline for me, and not discipline in a bad way but something that I enjoy probably more than others. Then content ranges from bloggers I like, to sermon illustrations, to news, to my industry. Welcome to my life, I am spread out, just as I think most people are. I am a salesman who worked as a pastor with a focus on community development who orginally wanted to be a child psychologist. And then of course there is the whole rockstar thing, but we all want to be rockstars.

Lastly, I have gotten more blogging with and Windows Live Writer in then I could with iWeb. And now the process of updating the iWeb site is becomming very cumbersome. This has to be easy and fast. The catch with the Mac offering is that I could research the problem and correct it, maybe. But instead it is just easier to use something that works. Now what I would love is to be able to import all my old blog entries into this blog site. Again don’t have the time right now to look in that.


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