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In Evangelist, Localization, Translation Services on August 6, 2007 by mstevensrev

>Those who are in my industry take great pride in the work before them. There is a commitment to publish and submit articles and continue to think about the development of language and how it relates to technology. I find it very interesting. Almost as much as the Art and technology classes I took in my undergraduate studies.

I am always reading and searching for articles and different resources related to my work. Today I came across one that is about ten years old, and it is helpful to give me some perspective on where we have already come, and how the landscape has shifted.

A few of the themes I find still true today are the rapid advancement of technology in the field of localization. Also the idea that the service we offer saves companies money rather than having entire departments dedicated to the work. Overall the summary of this translator is pretty good and shows a understanding of the large task ahead of him in the field, what we are dealing with no is some seriously significant differences in who the major players are in the industry, and the advancement of software and hardware in every area of the process.


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