Providence in vocation and the blessing of the Church

In church, Evangelist, faith, quote on October 14, 2012 by mstevensrev

Often I look at what I have done professionally and am amazed at how wildly distinct my vocations have been already in my career, the one common thread I have always seen is the value I place on relationship.  The relational piece of every job I have had been key and the common call.  Today I read an interesting quote that made me think about how God used my time as a full time vocational pastor to lead me into my current vocation.

In the introduction of Democracy in America by Jocqueville, he is describing the experience of visiting America after the revolution and how it inspired him to write this epic book.  He reflects seven hundred years back to the revolution in France for his readers and makes this statement regarding the institution of the clergy:

“…the clergy established and quickly extended its political power.  Its ranks were open to all, to the poor as well as the rich, the commoner as well as the lord. Equality began to insinuate itself into government through the Church, and a man who might have vegetated in eternal slavery as a serf could, as a priest, take his place among noble and often sit above kings.” (p.4)

A light bulb went on for me as I realized that the access I have benefited from by being a full time vocational minister to people of influence is one way that God has used circumstances to bring me to where I am at, and I was encouraged.  Also encouraging to hear from this historian that the Church was an influence for equality in culture.


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