>6AM this morning

In exercise, Mornings, swimming on December 4, 2009 by mstevensrev

>The alarm went off at 6AM, I didn’t exactly jump out of bed. Actually reset my alarm for an hour, but then knew I had to try out my proof of concept. So I put on on running clothes, brushed my teeth and grabbed my backpack with my swimming gear.

The run is one mile. It was dark and cold but fun, mostly because it was new I think. Made it to the pool, checked in, changed showered and was in by 6:35. New goggles and not being in swim shape lead to lots of rest. My form needs work, but I did alright in the Easy lane. Over all I was in the pool for about 40 minutes. At my last stop I was seeing stars and feeling great, think it was the endorphins pumping (or that suit really is way too tight and messing me up).

Dried off and ran home. Looks like this is going to work. The biggest hindrance to repeating this over the next two weeks is my travel schedule, good news with that is the hotels I’m staying at have pools, so I can at least get sometime in working on my form if nothing else.


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