>A marathon and another significant event

In church, family, Prayer on October 24, 2008 by mstevensrev

>Karin and I arrived in MD three days ago, after two days in my parents house we left the kids and are vacationing in Washington D.C.  To be specific we are staying in Old Town Alexandria and I am running the Marine Corp Marathon (MCM) on  Sunday when the kids and grandparents will meet up with us.  

One of the most significant moment, I felt something shift in me, was when I ran my first marathon, Big Sur, over three years ago while still living in Oakland, CA.  While running the race something changed in me and I knew that a year from that day things would be significantly different in my life.  About six months after I had resigned my job, lost my house and turned thirty years old.  Very significant.
Now I’m about to embark on my eighth marathon, and my first full day in MD I received some significant and very sad news regarding our old church in Oakland.  Thankfully since Karin and I are on our own, no work or kids, we have tons  of time to process and pray about it.  There will be pleny more for me to write on the matter at this time I am unable though.  For one I don’t know how much of the information I have is rumor and truth, I’m not confident in what direction God is taking things, I have no idea my role, and God and I are still talking (so far most of our conversation has been in passing and we need a sit down).
If you read this blog please pray.  Currently Karin and I are doing great, there is anger and sadness, but both are expected.  We are going out and having fun today.  I am very grateful for what God has done for me and my family.  We have been at arm’s length of tragedy a few times in our short life, and God has protected us from being grabbed and dragged down with it.  Being so close to tragedy isn’t fun though.

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