>Goal Accomplished!

In church, familiy, Fun, running on November 26, 2007 by mstevensrev

>Yesterday I ran my 5th marathon. This was an ambitious goal for me alone because of the birth of Taitum and then I was really sick this past week. Not only did I finish the marathon, but I set a new PR (Personal Record). Not only did I set a new PR, but it was at my goal! My goal was to finish sub-4-hours. I finished at 3:59:42. I had a whole 18 seconds to spare:) It was an amazing day, sunny and cool, as perfect as it gets in Seattle! I am of course grateful for my bro-in-law who ran with me and inspired me along the way, and then on friend from church who joined up for the last few miles and gave me an added boost of support. Not sure what is next but it feels really good to accomplish something, and I know the circumstances are rarely perfect so we are always doing it in adversity.


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