The direction of our culture

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“I don’t know anyone who is statisfied with the direction that our culture is heading.” -ANON

Well, Enlightenment Now author Steven Pinkerton is one person that makes the case from science that culture is moving in a positive direction. While his case is most interesting I’d also suggest following it up with a work by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, such as Skin in the Game, which will challenge much of Pinkerton’s optimism. What I take away from such discussions is that “culture” is a flexible concept measure differently by experts. When non-experts talk about such concepts they are likely to pick and choose the parts of culture that support their views on the direction of it.

When I hear a statement such as the one above, I want to challenge the person saying it by asking, “Do you have anyone in your life that may be experience the change in our culture as a positive one?” What comes to mind for me is those who previously could not speak out against police injustice now have a voice and those who previously were excluded from having their partners receive benefits because of “non-traditional” relationships are able to get these benefits or women previously silenced in hostile sexual workplaces now speak up against such actions. These three areas seem to be moving in the correct direction in my viewpoint.

For many on the traditional side of things the cultural shift feels more like The Purge than it should, rather this is an opportunity to listen and examine whether or not the benefits which you expect for the benefit of your family are also extended to those outside your family. Said another way, “Is you cultural stance loving your neighbor as yourself?” While in seminary, my teacher and theologian John Frame when explaining social justice made it very easy for our class to understand. He challenged us by saying, “Are you willing to stand that all children have the same rights and opportunity that you expect for your own?” Extended this beyond children and suddenly you are face to face with the Golden Rule.


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