Night and day experiences in Las Vegas

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In 2009 I had my first work trip to Vegas. The months before I had been working with the Partner team at VMWare and was convinced that attending VMWare World in Vegas would help progress the business relationship. No booth, no coworkers, no marketing, nothing. Just the instructions to win business and “don’t mess up”. One VP even told me that, “Michael you are the only salesperson that could convince a company to let you go to Vegas by yourself.” I achieved my goals for the trip, but it was lonely and overwhelming. To make it manageable at the time I went for a 15 mile run around the strip, another day I took off in my free time to see the movie Avatar in 3D.

MJOnenewContrast that with this week. A company that has invested in supporting the work of the sales team. Sponsorship of the event, five people including on executive, a booth, and even another executive giving up his spot to allow me to give a talk and moderate the summit for the day. As a team we took care of business and are very excited about the conversations and connections we had during the show. In addition there has even been successful recruiting for guests on our podcast, Globally Speaking. Never have I felt more supported professionally. In addition because of the airline miles I accumulated traveling for work, I was able to bring my wife along so she could relax by the pool during the day and then celebrate a successfully executed day of moderating! This time it wasn’t Avatar but rather the show Michael Jackson One by cirque du soleil.

panel moderationIn many ways this contrast is a picture of the change I have experienced professionally. I learned to work well as an individual and get things done, but more recently in my career I’m realizing the fun and power of activating others in amazing work we do!

Our culture does not teach us this, but what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. If you cheat in Vegas, it comes right home with you. If you cheat in Vegas, you walk home as a cheater. You lie awake at a night a cheater. You cannot escape it.

Tom Shadyac


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