College planning night

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I have a freshman. A freshman daughter that is already interested in planning how she is going to get into the college of her choice, she lives the mantra “Always be Prepared” more then anyone I know. It is great because she helps me step up my game. Last night we went to the college planning night at her high school.

I figured that if I got one new piece of data that was helpful in it I would be good to go. I got a few. First this video was shared..and it is my new thing:

Also during the financial aid session I got these stats: In the state of Washington the average cost 1. for Community college=$14K 2. for public college=$25 3. for private college=$60K. That is a pretty clear wake up call, but it is always helpful to know what you are up against. Also there was a great session on Running Start, which means my daughter will have the opportunity to graduate high school with an Associates Degree thanks to the state of Washington. We new about this program but the session gave us more details and got us more excited

GettyImages-503469346Today I read about the girl that was accepted into 5 Ivy League schools and she wrote about Costco: Love for Costco got a high school senior into 5 Ivy League schools. College planning time is a time to create for kids and parents.

So what is your Space Jam? Needless to say I’m really excited about what my family is creating and what it means for us all in the near future!


I guess there’s a few things I could do instead of basketball… I could be a farmer… I could be a missionary and go back to the jungle again…

-Shawn Bradley, Space Jam


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