Room where you don’t expect it

In Uncategorized on March 29, 2016 by mstevensrev

miniEvery other week I get to drive to high schoolers to school. It is certainly easier to get in and out of the SUV we own but that is generally not the car I drive to work. On Sunday, we get a text from the high schooler that doesn’t live with me requesting the Uber Black version of the service so that he can fit his baseball bag.

He is right, it is much easier. Though I think after being squeezed in my Mini Cooper each morning in the front seat with his bag on his lap, he did not realize that putting the a back seat down makes plenty of room for a baseball bag. The car is surprisingly accommodating, you just have to be creative.

We rarely do, we order the larger dinner just in case we are that hungry, we live in that house because there is the storage. There is surprising room in our lives we just have to be creative in where it comes from.



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