Going out on a limb

In Uncategorized on March 23, 2016 by mstevensrev

manintreeThe Seattle “Man in a tree” has taken off, my ride to the airport at 5AM was with a live stream of the event. The craze started yesterday March 22 when a man climb a large evergreen tree outside the Macy’s department store two blocks from my office. Security was already tight downtown because Hillary Rodman Clinton was in Seattle for the caucus this weekend. The guy has not left the tree and the attention it has gathered is overwhelming.


  • An act of defiance gets attention of authorities.
  • Homelessness is a major issue in Seattle and this spotlights it.
  • Nature lives in a hostile relationship with the city environment the engulfs it.
  • The man in the tree has done no harm to himself or others and yet is seen as a threat.
  • Thousands of Amazon employees in the area wish they could climb a tree and ignore the white collar sweatshop they work in.
  • The tree is lit up yearly as the holiday tree so here is an additional example of the war on Christmas.
  • Great wonder at how the man in the tree is going to the bathroom.
  • Seattle was in need of a new hipster T-shirt, Ride the SLUT dates you.
  • There were not enough traffic cones and emergency fence for the Man in the tree because they are all being used at the construction sites for Amazon or condos.
  • Dealing with the reality of what happens to a city when so many people from Idaho move there.
  • Car traffic is not as exciting to stop as train traffic.
  • Man in the tree is now beating Trump for the Republican nomination really pissing off Jeb.

The identity of the man in the tree has been released.




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