Age of the old white guy is coming to an end…and I don’t know what to do

In Uncategorized on March 19, 2016 by mstevensrev

Just yesterday I heard comedian Neal Brennan. He was talking about white people, he said it is in our DNA to be tattle tales. We are born snitches and rule followers. He goes on to talk about it is the reason so many white people have trouble sleeping because they are worried that someone is breaking the rules. And then he has the best line, “We should love the rule, we made them.”

trumpThis is coming to an end. The recent fascist, hate filled, racist and in-humane comments of the prominent white male running for president only proves my point. For as a snake is being killed it flails the most. These are the last actions of the desperate few that will soon be the end of a very long chapter. The white guys that have been leading the way are no longer.

Inc. just had an article this week titled, Why This Founder Goes Out of Her Way to Hire Women, haven’t read the article but I know that one reason she does is because she has to. Things are changing, and as a white guy I’m grateful and still evolving into how I can be a part of this change. Having three daughters has launched me further into this pursuit then I have ever imagine.

sofiaAt one conference I attended I engaged Sofia Amoruso #girlboss in a discussion on her book and the appropriateness of giving it to my twelve year old daughter. I’m grateful for women like Moorea Seal and Missy Trull, that spend time investing in my oldest encouraging her and providing her tools for the future. The work of listening and growing in my awareness of what women have been and are up against is a daily task.

And while I may not know where we are going to end up in all this upheaval. There is a choice that one way can lead to fear and the other can lead to mystery, I’ll continue to choose the second because I think it is going to be much more fun and interesting.



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