Disposition toward change

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Many people fear change, and then there are those that are more like me.

I did not start playing lacrosse until I was in my second year of college. If you are unfamiliar with the sport check it out. It is the fastest roughest sport on two feet here in the U.S., I used to say the world until I discovered Hurling and now I pay my respect to the Irish.

5525c2ab0dcc1.imageAfter a summer of throwing around with my friend I jumped in. During three years I ended up playing three different positions: mid-field, close defense, and then finally and best of all long stick mid-field. Not only was I elected a captain my senior year and made all conference, the role of long stick mid-fielder fit me like a glove because it was the chaos maker.

lax3-desticking_cropThe goal of this role is to be where the action is and cause turn-overs by the other team, disrupt their flow, and push the ball to give my team an advantage. There was one circumstance when the coach would have me play another position and this was when we would need a ‘must have goal’ at a critical moment of the game. I would grab my short stick and coach would run a play for me that always ended with and attempted shot and most times a goal.

I LOVED the variety, the challenges of learning new roles and improving in them kept me motivated. They also allowed me to excel faster then I would have if I only did one thing, and lead others more effectively. But most of all I found joy in the changes.

Professionally I see this as a theme for me as well. I think there are a few things that are in common with my lacrosse experience.

  • Energy comes when you are learning
  • Challenges push you to be better
  • Variety of experiences makes you more well rounded
  • Joy comes from being in the action

Grateful for a company that encourages people to grow, and now I’m working on deepening my thinking and skills for continued growth. Make it a goal to take advantage of change where you are and you’ll find great things lie ahead.



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