Can a business be holistic?

In Uncategorized on March 16, 2016 by mstevensrev

The myth of a balanced life has always frustrated me. The need to make sure that work fits properly into a box, then family life, then spiritual life, then social life, and all need proper attention and watering in order for you to healthy and successful. This has never worked for me, as a whole person the many areas of my life blend and mix into something that becomes a fun adventure. In theological terms all of life is under the domain of God, therefore to separate it out goes against a natural order.

MiiR-BottlesToday after arriving early for a coffee meeting at Miir, I realized that I was sitting in the flagship store of a business that is trying to do the same thing with a company. The store has the closest thing to the vibe of a Mini Dealership that I have experienced, and just after writing that in a person note to Bryan Papé  (CEO Miir) I ran into him at the counter. Bryan and I did some localization work together while he was at Little Hotties, then connect personally afterward.

We caught up on life and things business. They are experiencing growth and even profitability while experimenting with this idea that a business can be holistic, this has a ton to do with brand but even more mission. Miir sells tea, coffee, water bottles, beer, bicycles while providing clean water, transportation to people in need around the world. 5% goes directly to help people. Check out their story, think about their vision and the work that you are doing.


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