Not all business is the same

In Uncategorized on March 15, 2016 by mstevensrev

**warning this topic does discuss the business of an adult emporium

20160315_100303Just about two years ago we moved into our current office building. Moravia took up space in the South Lake Union area of Seattle, a booming neighborhood mostly because of growth and the housing that goes along with it. When we moved in there were two large craters across the street in my view awaiting more Amazon office space, and across the block was Fantasy Unlimited. Immediately after moving in I took pictures and sent it to folks on my team asking them why I saw them walking out of there during lunch, which they were not I just have very adolescent humor at times. My assumption was the view of the store would disappear as the buildings go up.

Today I look at two very cool buildings, a wonderful walkway between them, and in the background the flashing lights of Fantasy Unlimited. Not only are they still there, but I still have a view of the shop. It also appears according to an article in GeekWire they have adjusted to the times providing Geek Discounts for Amazon employees. It appear they have experience large growth (no pun intended).

The company I work for has experienced rapid growth in the time that I have been there, not necessarily related data points, and so much change has been a part of my experience here. We are learning to adjust, move faster, think to scale.

I’m really grateful of this experience that I have had. I look at Fantasy Unlimited and realize that there are many places I could have ended up working, and I’m incredibly grateful to have landed in such a wonderful growing environment! A place where we work to treat people fairly and not exploit them or their sexuality for profit. All growth is not the same, some is more positive for our world.



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