The availability advantage

In Uncategorized on March 14, 2016 by mstevensrev

Years ago it was much easier to remain in the background and severely limit the people that have access to you. As someone who gets paid for connecting and meeting others, I live with the assumption that I can get to the people I want to talk to eventually. This is across the board in my life from prospects at work, to CEOs of companies I admire, even the authors I read, all of them I expect to meet at some point. My conversation with Steve Balmer is just one example of this principle for me, that people are available and that must be respected.

I’m grateful to have worked for CEOs of companies that were available. This could mean that it is common place if you had a questions for them it was easy to reach out or if there is a client challenge they are willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved. Time and time again I have been impressed with seeing the joy these folks have gotten when they get the opportunity to get back into the weeds of the work.

girl-926225_960_720One place where I see this advantage slipping away is when it comes to clients having the availability of leadership. It should not be the size of company that determines the availability of the boss to key clients, I have worked for some CEOs that are intent on making sure that clients have their cell phone. In general this is a symbolic act and nothing ever becomes of it, but I think this is an important symbol: We are available for the things that matter in our lives, personal and professional. Companies that fail to realize the importance of this are going to miss out, as availability is becoming the norm.


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