Asking for feedback

In Uncategorized on March 11, 2016 by mstevensrev

This is a very vulnerable thing to do, asking for feedback. In graduate school for my final theological paper I chose a controversial topic and knew I would have to defend it before as it would be used in my licensing exams. The professor that reviewed it had written extensively on the topic and we shared a similar view, though I remember being more terrified by asking his feedback then having to defend the paper.

feedback_vpPart of my maturing has been understanding that feedback is good and not scary. It became the big hairy monster for me because of the debilitating criticism I would put on myself. The cycle was not a healthy one, but a cycle that I can imagine many people can relate to.

Some of the things I have found out about feedback:

  • It ALWAYS helps me improve
  • It is not always correct
  • Often it is more favorable then I expect
  • At time it is more critical and often for my good
  • Quality feedback shows that people care
  • Poor quality feedback can be very accurate at times too
  • Unsolicited feedback will come regardless of if you want it
  • Emotional reaction to feedback is okay
  • Emotional reaction to feedback need to be explored and not dominate the process

Anything you’ve learned about feedback would be appreciated, so share…



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