What’s it like for you in Washington

In Uncategorized on March 9, 2016 by mstevensrev

Over the weekend and into the early week I had a great trip to the Bay Area  I’m back in Seattle. On Sunday Karin, my wife and I made our way to a lovely brunch spot (MyMy). Sitting outside in the sun I’m admiring all the young people buzzing around and soaking in the joy and energy I get from being in San Francisco. When Karin looks at me and says, “I miss the trees, cities without green don’t do it for me.” Now having been born and raised in Seattle I often understand her love as a result of her upbringing and forgive her, as I am so curious and in awe of global cities including Seattle.

Then the next two days were spent with a co-worker from Portland, so both of us with our beards, stylish jeans, and eco-friendly jackets spent time talking about all things coffee, craft beer and smoothies with handfuls of spinach in them. I realized I have been changed. Today in the gray drizzle of this city I am extremely grateful for where I live and where I am from.

Leave me Manhattan, I want the evergreens
Write me a song I can sing in my sleep
As sure as the rain that will fall where you stand
I want you and the skyline, these are my demands

If you ever get to here Damien Jurado perform “Working Titles”live, I would suggest it. Not only is it beautiful but it is part manifesto.


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