The journey of overcoming

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What is it that you have had to overcome today? In this past decade? In your life so far? Each of us has our list of things, they are our personal journey. There is gratitude in my life for those places that have I had the space, freedom and support to grow through and over some obstacles.

Meeting people who have been knocked down and are looking up from the ground, or starting the journey, that I have the chance to team up with is so exciting. Knowing I have had to move through proving myself to a place of being myself, remembering “failure is an event, not a person.” Slowly coming to the awareness of strength that I have had available, and I see people with that same potential and can’t wait to see them grow.

Richard Sherman

Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman motions to fans after intercepting in the end zone against the San Francisco 49ers in the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in Seattle. The Seahawks won 42-13. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

There are two sports teams that I really enjoy right right now: The Golden State Warriors and the Seattle Seahawks. Both these teams are filled with players that are/have overcome. Some say they have a chip on their shoulders. When a team of individual overcomers joins together around a common goal, something magic happens. It is rare, hard, and rocky, but watching the accomplish things no one has ever does brings life.

McPherson-Now-Streaming-Golden-State-Warriors-1200These days I’m grateful for what I’m overcoming and grateful for those around me working becoming more human and working together to accomplish great things for others!


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