The little differences, take time for me

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If you have read a few posts of mine I’m incredibly grateful, but I would imagine you have Spelling-Errors-589x279noticed something. If there has ever been an opportunity that I have commented on a Facebook post you have probably seen it there. God forbid if you are someone I text then you have seen it for certain. And if you are Renato Beninato, my old boss, I have gotten detailed feedback on it. I have been known to not pay attention to details in my writing.

Just this week I received some feedback from a friend that reads my blog:

can I encourage you to edit your web-blog posts a little. Not any of the content or anything just the spelling/ grammar. I saw a couple words that made it though spell check but are not what I think you intended to say.

I have learned over the years that generally those who write me such feedback are blessing me a great deal and have engaged to the level where they often want to benefit me with their insight. There are a few parts of this that I want to make mention.

shopliftersFirst, it is not in my nature to pay attention to such details. There are hundreds of stories from early in my marriage that highlight this. The one I remember most clearly is when we would have guests over and serve them something to drink, if I had to pull out the glasses from the back of the cabinet I would not rinse them before serving the drink. Poor form as there was likely dust in the glasses and this does not make a good impression on your guests. Sorry if you were one of those friends that this happened to.

Second, just because this is not in my nature it does not mean that I am not capable of such a level of detail. One of my mentors would always say, “A broke clock is right twice a day.” This is an analogy that is fading a bit with phones and digital only time displays, but hopefully you are old enough to get the point.

Third, if these are your gifts and it is easy for you to support I am immensely grateful for your encouragement. I rinse glasses for guests, because my wife loving and patiently brought this to my attention. More often then not I return the toilet seat to the down position (remember I live with four women). Just over the past two weeks I worked on an bid and presentation with a team at work, and the level of detail that we were able to achieve in this presentation is something we are proud of. It is true to use another analogy, we are all part of one body and the body functions best when each part does what it is created to do. We are all better when we function as one.

If I were writing professionally¬†Shcoolat the moment I would hire an editor, and then I’d get all the credit for her support in the background. For now I write for passion on a very limited timeline, so if there are those interested in supporting or providing feedback I commit to listening and incorporating the improvements on the details. Also embarrassment is a great motivator for me so my attention to details will improve because I won’t want to hear from you.

For now I want tot say thanks to those who care enough to be engaged and say something. I appreciate your input on my journey!


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