Getting more then I planned done…

In Uncategorized on March 3, 2016 by mstevensrev

planEach day most successful people start with with a plan, there are just key activities that have to get done in order to achieve our goals. Even if you aren’t as focused as Zig Ziglar, Seth Godin, or Tim Ferris you likely have some type of practice in this area.

Today like any other I have my plan and while in a meeting with a coworker as we are working on a priority that jumped it’s way to the top I said to her, “I’m getting more then I planned done.” She said that she wished that was the case as her attention had ended up in other places then she had planned. But she was right, the same happened for me. My daily plan was severely adjusted and I had not touched anything in the plan yet. That is because I had all these other things going on, things that are more important and a higher level priority. Instead of seeing it as a negative, I’m excited to spend my time on areas that have the biggest impact on my and other’s success! Discipline comes in identifying when these unplanned things are enhancing or detracting from your success, but it is great to have a plan that is flexible enough to allow me to accomplish the best rather then just good.


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