Two Cats: George and Lucy

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GeorgeI grew up with dogs, but now I have two cats in my home. One we have had for about five years and we got him as an adult rescue, George. He is very relaxed and had the perfect temperament since our youngest daughter was two when we got him.

George had some major issues related to diet and he was extremely sedentary. One experience with kidney stones and we almost lost him, but thankful he survived though it was an extremely dramatic season for our family. Overall he has been a great pet and he is always willing to snuggle up in your lap.

lucy kitten

Last year we got a kitten, Lucy. She has been curious since birth, playful, and has brought out the best of George. The addition of her to our family has been to everyone’s benefit.

There are many things that I really enjoy about having these two things in our lives, watching the play together has been the most surprising part as we thought George was incapable. But the most recent thing that has really gotten me about Lucy is her obsession with the birds. We have a number of bird feeders around our house and she has found every optimal spot to watch them, always in a hunting stance. She naturally has this attraction and instinct, that is because she is a CAT.

George on the other hand was with us when we had the mice in our attic. He considers bringing us single socks and towels and putting them in front of our bedroom door his version of mousing. He lets our groans that are our single to be proud of him. Now that I have Lucy in all her natural ability to compare I can’t help but wonder what did George go through that has made him so limited in his natural instinct. The affection that he offers to our family I am forever grateful for, and yet it is clear to me that he is not doing what he is created to do. He is stuck. Watching Lucy I can’t help be admire how see lives fully in what she is created to do.



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