Taking the Leap

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Fetteren min stuper fra hyttegavlen, men hvor lander han?

Did you miss the excitement around leap year? My children didn’t for a large part of the day on Sunday we spent time talking about how special it was…and what if you had been born on this day…and were we going to have a treat to celebrate Leap Year the next day. Regardless I didn’t get it.

Then yesterday afternoon while looking through my newsfeed I saw that some companies were giving employees a day off to volunteer, and as usual some companies were using it as a marketing opportunity because we know it is hard for them just to do the right thing. While working out in the morning I was listening to Tim Ferris’ podcast where he interviews Seth Godin, Seth is a big influencer on me but I had not listen to him in a while and I mean years but hearing him talk reminded me of why his words transform me. So last night I read his blog, A whole year? Yes, a whole year for leaping.


It hit me, I had taken a leap yesterday without even realizing it. Yesterday was more significant to me then my reflection/resolutions at the beginning of the year, because I leaped. This year is one of change for me, I’m taking on new challenges and yesterday without any consciousness of Leap Year I had plunged into the deep in. Taking on my new responsibilities and goal with a focus and a hopefulness. Here is just a bit of what I’m dealing with:

  1. Transitioning a role to a coworker with strengths that make her perfect to lead.
  2. Focusing full time in business development, my strength and passion.
  3. A secret project that will likely launch in April with my current job that is something I have wanted to do for years.

So if you have not taken the leap yet this year I would encourage you to do it. Strangely the universe motivated me to do it yesterday, February 29th but I know the only significance in that may be that it motivated me to get back writing:)

Here is a link to a previous post with a picture of Seth Godin, Karin Stevens (wife) and me.


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