A thoughtful sharing on how we view Scripture

In Uncategorized on May 25, 2014 by mstevensrev

Poet Scott Cairns in the introduction of Endless Life: poems of the mystics, says this that I thought was worth sharing…

“It is, after all, only relatively recent that the terms tradition and Scripture have been mistaken for separate, and even antagonistic authorities.

It is good to note that even Martin Luther- the father of our cranky phrase sola scriptura- was himself utterly well-equipped with and assisted by a rich and enriching communion with the traditionexpressed by the fathers and mothers of the Church. Having thoroughly ingested that tradition, he was, perhaps, in a unique position to say he would thereafter proceed “by Scripture alone.” We and our interpretation, on the other hand, might fare better with a little company.”

That sounds like good advice I’m working on putting into practice.


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