Hard work and the New Year, Happy 2013

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More than other years I have had a hard time brushing off the holiday tinsel and getting my groove back. Pretty sure today that has changed, not that the transition is easy.  Times of rest are important, and this holiday season was wonderful for that.  Now I am able to re-examine the goals both personal and professional I worked on at the end of 2012, having some space from them causes me to do the hard work of examining what I was thinking when I wrote them, and especially as it has to do with my personal goals I have plenty to write.  The deadline of New Years Day is silly to me and frankly I prefer to spend that time with family and friends.

ImageMy clearest personal goal for 2013 is to complete and Olympic Length Marathon.  I have done multiple sprint triathlons, marathons, and an ultra-race, so this race should be a ton of fun and one that I hope to be somewhat competitive in.  In December I transitioned to Vibram Shoes, that are minimal with very little issue.  Now that I am putting on more mile (this week) my calf muscles are tighter then they have ever been.  As I have read my suspicions were correct and the removal of the padding at my heal is causing my calf muscles to stretch like never before.  This and the added elevation I am running since taking to more trails, and I am in some pain…good pain.  Like I said knocking of the tinsel is not easy, also since my ultra race I have enjoyed the holiday food and drink and have probably put on fifteen pounds which will be gone shortly, but it makes these New Year workouts more challenging.

Tonight Karin and I are off to Seattle Art Museum for First Thursday, and got tickets for the Elles: Women Artists From the Centre Pompidou, Paris.  Checking out the installation will be great and perhaps an opportunity to connect over family goals or at least plan a time for that.

This year will be filled with lots of fun: really finding my stride in my still fairly new job at Moravia, bringing to life some side projects, youngest daughter entering preschool, middle daughter entering kindergarten, oldest daughter in her first professional play, and fourteen years of marriage.  Excited does not describe how I feel, there is so much hope.  Writing will be an area that I not only continue to create but also an area I seek to improve a great deal.  Had a goal of knocking out my book by February, will see how that goes:) I already have one international trip on the schedule and am pitching a talk for a second trip in London. 

Who knows what this year will have in store, but here on the third day of 2013, I’m ready for you 2013…are you ready for me?


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