Swimming and driving the practice of creativity

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The weather makes it nearly impossible for me to get motivated to go out and run, even with my new shoes these days.  35-40 degrees and pouring rain is not ideal running weather for me.  So this week I have taken advantage of my gym membership and been getting in hour long swims.  These are awesome work outs that I walk away from feeling very relaxed and zen, my guess is that the swishing water and not having to talk or listen to anyone for an hour really puts me in a unique headspace.

These days I have also been doing a ton of reading on some research for work, there has been a ton of silence.  One thing I find is that my creative energy flows much better as I interact with others.  Talking sets my brain on fire, whereas reading leaves me more contemplative. Knowing how I best work is important, while these days are slow and contemplative there are a number of creative projects on my plate…in order to take these by storm I think I need to be in conversation with more people.


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