Civic duty does not equal jury duty

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ImageI’m off to jury duty this morning, this is the first time in my life that I have been called to serve and actually ‘able’ to do it. Before I didn’t live in the state where I was called or was unable to attended. While in theory I wish that I could have a good attitude toward the entire experience I do not. It is the week of Thanksgiving, I have a ton of work to do which means if I don’t get it done during today I have to work this evening when i should be with my family. This makes me even more suspicious of the entire U.S. justice system. If I don’t want to serve and i’m a law abiding tax paying citizen who is it that actually sits on jurys? The entire system is broke.

Yesterday while looking at the unlike icon on facebook I remembered that growing up my friends and I instead of giving each other the ‘bird’ we used the thumbs down, the ultimate sign of disapproval. The idea originated from the movie, We are Spinal Tap, where they played at an amusement park and two young me just sat in the crowd giving a disapproving thumbs down. So in honor of jury duty today…Image



3 Responses to “Civic duty does not equal jury duty”

  1. You make a good point, but the alternatives are surely pretty terrifying – either no jury trials, or self-selecting juries – that is, only people who REALLY want the power to convict or acquit apply or agree to sit on juries.

    I’ve a theory that the people who most want that sort of power are the last people who should actually be trusted with it.

    Shame about the timing for you, though. Enjoy Thanksgiving.

    • DrFood, thanks for the reminder. On the walk to the bus on my way downtown I had to reflect and change my attitude. Not sure what is in store today but I am open to it!

      • Fingers crossed you get a stay in proceedings after being sworn in and they let you off until the trial can resume after the holiday season…

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