Beautiful Things, an inspiring night with Arts After Care

In Uncategorized on August 28, 2012 by mstevensrev

Last night was a beautiful moment for Karin and I as we attended a benefit dinner put on by Curtis and Grace Romjue for their organization Arts After Care.  This is a non profit organization dedicated to helping people deal with and heal from the personal holocaust that is the sex trade industry. If you are interested in the organization or the Toolkit they have created please check out their website,  

There are two thoughtsImage going through my head today about what we experience last night and over the past few years of Curtis and Grace’s journey.  First, they are the living embodiment of their vision.  First, it began with Curtis getting a vision in college, then building a band committed to fighting human trafficking, all the while asking the question what does an artist have to offer to bring about change.  Grace clearly leads in the work with Curtis, their family is so much a part of the organization it is hard to separate the two or not expect to see their daughter Harper at events.  Also on this thought, this is not about them at all.  They have placed their gifts before God and the world and asked what would you have me do to make this a better more beautiful place.  In as much as Curtis and Grace are at the center of this amazing work, they disappear because they point to something much greater.

Second, after meeting Curtis and Grace my family was inspired and we decided that this would be the issue which we take on to see change.  At that moment I had a clear vision of what that looked like for us and I was very wrong.  Throughout their journey Curtis and Grace have connected with us as a family not only inspiring Karin and I but providing Aidyn a vision too.  In addition Karin Stevens Dance has not only collaborated artistically with the group but is consulting on getting a global leader in dance to provide insight into dance related activity for the toolkit.  I am so grateful that we can be including in supporting this organization and these people.


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