Love, the central tenet of leadership

In Uncategorized on April 8, 2011 by mstevensrev

Last December I was at Dreamforce,’s developer conference in San Francisco. In addition to all of the new technology being launch, the business contacts, one of the biggest attractions were the keynote speakers and sessions. In addition to President Bill Clinton, who’s talk was amazing, Stevie Wonder was the headliner musician.

I was struck with Stevie Wonder’s constant talk about love. His love for others and the love that had been shown toward him. After the conference I was left with a commitment to not just show my love for others but verbalize it the way Stevie Wonder so beautifully did.

This morning I was at SPU Business Breakfast and heard Tavis Smiley speak. He spoke about how love has been an important and powerful part of discourse in the United States and among influential leaders around the work. The most clear example he spoke of for me was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tavis was talking about the American education system, and I agree we need people who love children involved with fixing the problem or we will never get where we need to be. Love is powerful, God is love, these are some profound thoughts that are shaping me and who I am to be as I engage the world.


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