Realizations about church

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The life of my family has been deeply impacted by church planting. Karin and I met at a church plant, a church plant is what led me into ministry full time, and we are passionate about the impact that church planting has for God’s kingdom.

After yesterday and our family worshiping with a great group of folks that are starting a church plant we came to the realization that it is not for us. We have only know the front line of church planting outside of our years in seminary. In many ways it fits our passions, and we have sacrificed a great deal for the sake of this movement. So while everyone who may know us well might have come to this conclusion, it is a new one for us.

In some strange way it is a humbling realization for me. There have been so many things God has called us to walk away from in this time, so many areas in which he has left only questions. God uses that space in our lives, I believe to make himself more present, bigger, and holy. My God is small, certainly not the God of the Bible. Though even as I’m walking into what feels like a vast expanse I am struck with the question, Is God really that big?


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  1. I’m not sure how to use this blog…but my God is big enough for both of us!

    • Very sweet. Grateful for you and dad praying for us, the faith and perseverance of parents is very good for their kids. Hope we can be that for our girls through this.

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