>My facebook thoughts on Rob Bell

In Theology on March 19, 2011 by mstevensrev


There is actually good conversations going on about Rob Bell. Martin Bashir’s interview is almost childish; starting with can God create a rock too big to move? or at least the emotional charged equivalent which uses the tragedy in Japan in a cheap way. Martin has not taken a Philosophy 101 course, at least he apparently read Rob Bell’s book.

If you are concerned/offended or whatever by Rob Bell please go to places where he is clearly refuted by orthodox scholarship not playground antics. Rob Bell has a clear history of stepping into it theologically, this is not his first rodeo. Yet like many of the Christian leaders and contemporaries of mine I am embarrassed but more embarrassed by our lack of charity and good pointed conversation. Please move beyond watching a brother squirm at the hand of someone who cannot enter into the basics of a civil philosophical/theological conversation.

Check out Jeff’s thoughts here, pretty good…


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