>and so the process begins…

In home, House, Theology on December 15, 2010 by mstevensrev

>A local Seattle artist named Charley connected with Karin and I right at the perfect time. He is currently doing the heavy lifting to transform 6036 5th Ave NW into The Nest. Along the way I will continue to document the process and hopefully others will too.

The sun was out yesterday, so the entire unit was opened up all windows and everything! Here are some of the garbage pieces on the deck.

The carpet has mostly been pulled up and someone came and got it after posting it on Craigslist. Their plan is to use it for soundproofing.

With every change to the place there seems to be a new spirit of refreshment!

Charlie wanted to make sure he had his TV over so when his son visits they have something to do! This is a beautiful and amazing work.

In addition to the work Charlie did yesterday we got the studio space cleared out so that there is not room for two artists to start working. Moorea will be moving in immediately! I’ve asked her to take some pictures for us as well. I’ll be updating with those pictures and pictures of Charley and Moorea.


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