>The Revelation of the Golden Pyramid

In Books, business on March 13, 2010 by mstevensrev


Reading Awakening the Entrepreneur Within has been a good exercise for me which I have been inspired, at times overwhelmed and wanting to give up, and generally encouraged that I can do this. Before I take it back to the library I wanted to take some last notes on the “Enterprise”. When you understand business systems, there is the ability not just to start a business, but to start hundreds of businesses.

Here is the strategy:
1. Identify Old Co. – these are the marketable skills that you currently possess
2. Make a list of every single vertical niche market you could conceivably provide your service to – these make up customer categories
3. Identify your trading zone – geographic area of customers (I question relevance for web based products/services)
4. Pick the ten most appealing Customer Categories
5. Pick the one most appealing Customer Category – where is the money:) I like this because success these days is not necessarily making the next walmart but rather getting followers that will evangelize your product or become your tribe
6. Learn everything you can possibly learn about this one customer category – who are they, passions, hopes, buying habits, etc.
7. design client fulfillment system – must have the means to get it out there
8. design your lead conversion system – person is interested…must be ready
9. design your lead generation system – sales 101
10. test effectiveness of your new practice – do it, track, measure
11. document – weakness of mine, have trouble doing this within my home which would yield quick results must be disciplined about doing this in business
12. Create your surrogate practitioner agreement – legal, trademark/patent make sure you IP is taken care of
13. Recruit first surrogate practitioner – these will be folks you take through the previous 11 steps
14. Train your first Surrogate partner
15. Build your business management system – monitor performance of practices, improve operating system, expand the capability
16. Replicate


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