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In running on March 24, 2009 by mstevensrev

>My training has suffered through the winter. I feel it when it comes to my stress level and overall sense of personal health. Now the goal is set and the plan is in place to achieving it. Fourteen weeks until the race and I got out in the freezing $@% cold this morning. Additionally for this race I’ve begun tracking what I eat. I added a very cool widget to my iGoogle page that is a form where I type in what I eat during the meal. I then have to look up the estimate calorie count, but it automatically adds it to a Google Spreadsheet. Overall pretty cool. And just for the record today I did great, ha we’ll see how long that lasts.

This will be my ninth marathon. This race for some reason has created a hump for me to get over, work, family, and winter have all been factors. But nothing replaces overall laziness. Discipline in my life is lacking, and that often make me feel out of control in other areas. Recently I have even had the thought that I’m getting a ulcer. Don’t get me wrong, life is nuts right now and there are good reasons to be stressed, looking for a house, having a 17 month old, the economy, and a wild work travel schedule.

Discipline is not the overall answer, anyone who has an understanding of the gospel knows what I am talking about. Yet, God has given us disciplines and there is nothing wrong with setting a goal, making a plan, and trying to accomplishing something. This winter has pushed me hard and in many ways I caved. Sometimes God allows that in our life to make us realize how little we really can handle. After my eighth marathon I almost did a quick turn for my ninth. I was riding high it was my PR and I really thought I could at least match it quickly. Instead I fell off the wagon and haven’t really wanted to get back on until now. It was humbling, and now I’d like to get back to some very simple basics. One foot in front the other, and start building up the miles.


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