>The Spaces In-Between and Fall in Seattle

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I find those who are successful use the space in-between things well, they fit in a moment to think, write, draw, workout, and do things that will keep juice flowing while returning to the other ‘important’ things they are doing.

A friend of mine says the important things always happen on the way to what you think is important.  Another way to look at it is, that which you pursue you never achieve but rather what you get in the process of pursuit is the gem.  Think about people who desperately want to have friends, they are the last people you want to be friends with.

The fall in Seattle offers great in-between times.  Part of it is that it gets dark at 4PM.  The days are very short and it doesn’t seem like there are that many useful hours in a day, whereas the summers seem very productive (and therefore terrible times for me to blog).  Currently I am noticing that many of the main things, such as training, I am finding it hard to fit in, yet things for the in-between times are really impacting me.  I’m watch some talks from TED: Ideas Worth Spreading.  Nothing like listening to some of those folks to make you think you can change the world.

Lastly I found a really interesting headline that I did follow in the NY Times, What Happy People Don’t Do, in short they don’t watch TV.  Now I love TV, I just hate having my life revolve around it.  There for I love, TIVO, Netflix, NBC Online, and the various other sources that allow me to watch what I want when I want.  So I’m not sure that happy people don’t watch TV, but I think they don’t watch it the way others think they should.

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3 Responses to “>The Spaces In-Between and Fall in Seattle”

  1. >how do “happy” people watch tv? or what’s the difference?

  2. >we’ve actually been considering getting rid of directtv and just hooking a laptop up to the tv (seriously, me). Now that laptops have hdmi outputs, and there’s more and more content on the web everyday, it’s a great way to save money (and probably spend less time channel surfing.And one more thing – Hulu my friend, Hulu. Don’t bother with

  3. >”Happy” people watch tv, naked? That would make me happy:) There are two parts of tv I don’t like. First being told what time I have to watch, and second just flipping and never getting a full story. Both of these actions for me, may not all happy people, show that your bored and passive. An exception would be sporting events which are mostly social, I have been a part of one of those i.e. the Superbowl in years. I’m not sure what anyone else would say.

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