>I will drink your milkshake

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image An amazing line that takes so long to get to, but worth every moment.  Last night, now that family has gone back to Maryland, we sat down to enjoy a movie together.  There Will be Blood lived up to all of my hopes, actually it was better.  I was expecting an extremely violent movie, while the violence was detailed and intimate it was not unnecessary.  In other words it made it’s point.  I also was expecting over the top freakiness from the characters, as strange and disturbed as they were it seemed true to me, not a caricature at all, but believable people. 

The part of the movie that I was looking forward to the most was the music.  Jonny Greenwood (aka Radiohead’s guitarist) image did an amazing job, some may say heavy handed, but I loved it.  There were moments where the music was so loud and powerful it overtook the dialogue, it was the musical version of mud/blood hitting the camera which was also done in this movie.  I like the reminders that we are watching a creation rather than being fooled we are participants.  Anyway I cannot remember a movie since The Shining that so creeped me out by the music.  I know my recommendation/review comes well after most have probably seen it, but if you have waited like we did you won’t be disappointed.


2 Responses to “>I will drink your milkshake”

  1. >glad you finally caught There Will be Blood. It’s one of my favorites.

  2. >Mike,This is Michael Bounds. I came across this pretty much by accident. If you don’t remember me I met you in 1993, at Breakaway. I hung out with you, Jeff McMullen and others. You were extreamly instrumental in bringing me to christ that November and starting to shape me into the man that I am today. I am currently in the navy, I am stationed in Bremerton, WA. After this is over for me, which is in a little more than 2 years, I am going to be working on going to Seminary to become a Pastor. For helping guide me in this, I would like to thank you.Mike Bounds

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