>Another Benefit of the iPhone and the future of my information

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Recently I have been thinking about where all my data is kept, the cloud is the hip new phrase for it.  This happened because of the crash of my home laptop’s hard drive.  I had very poor backup.  Currently I have Time Machine running and have a backup on my desk.  But like most people my information is all over the web, perhaps I am alittle more extreme than most.  I am currently using Google’s Cloud, which starts with gmail and leads all the way through to Google docs.  I have had a .mac membership which is now switched over to MobileMe. My data is backed up there as well.  Also Microsoft’s Cloud service, Mesh, is a third place where I am currently placing files.  I also include Facebook in that mix because I put my photos there, also twitter and facebook is where I do most of my sharing.

What does all this mean.  First I am hedging my bets, I’m not sure which service is going to be the best and which one will win the space so I’m in all of them.  Second, while I have everything backed up it is not consistent, and things are left all over the place.  It is like having three or four different offices and each one varying to some extent.

So the benefit of the iPhone?  I am sycing all of these.  because I back up my Outlook Exchange, then push that information up to MobileMe, Both Facebook and Google have amazing apps for the phone!  So despite of all these companies being all over the map, the device is still important, and in my opinion is king.  Yes work on a PC at work and could set up the same thing with MobileMe, currently Mesh does not have a connection to Mobile or Mac Computers so my personal computer is left out of the loop except through Parallels, which seems like a very lame work around to me.  Where will all this end up?  I don’t know I need to have more time figuring out my own personal workflow between all of this, at this point I have only done that which is easy for my iPhone.  I would like a world where I could have multiple clouds connected so that I am not dependent upon one single device.


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  1. >I am still amazed you got a cell phone, especially a smart phone! I thought you would hold out for way longer.

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