>Morning Spiritual Practices

In Mornings, Spiritual on July 16, 2008 by mstevensrev

>Things really change in a year. Since there is constant change in life I try to incorporate that into my spiritual practice in the morning. The last few years I have read through the entire Bible which is pretty cool, but I was concerned that I would get bored so I decided to change things up. Last year I also completed my writing through the Psalms. Both of these fed me deeply and made my mornings really great.

This year I decided just to stick to the New Testament, since it is short I decided to read it thought four times, continue with reading the Psalms every morning and write on the Proverbs. For some reason, perhaps it is how busy I have been, perhaps it is because I am not taking the time in each morning, but for some reason I feel a million miles away. I picked up the Book of Common Prayer, only read it twice. My NT and Psalm readings are on track, picking up Eugene Peterson’s the Message helped that. My writing on the Proverbs has been dropped both because of time and the comment that I was obsessed with the wicked woman which made me realize the Proverbs are just hard to write on and I need more time and energy to do it.


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