>Happy Birthday Dad

In 4th of July, family on July 4, 2008 by mstevensrev

>July 4th means lots of things in my house.  Today is cool because it means I get to see my girls who have been away camping for a few days while I put in marathon days at work.  Until they arrive I get to sit in Cupcake Royal drinking my Verite Coffee in downtown Ballard.  Paul Simon’s, Me and Julio is blasting and I am feeling very inspired.  On top of all that Kinko’s was open so i could get my passport photo which I am  having to rush around because it is looking likely I be going across the pond for work.  Did I mention it is Aidyn’s Birthday Eve.

Beside BBQ and hanging with friends, 4th of July has always meant one thing for me.  My dad, Michael William Stevens Sr. Birthday.  This was the guy who I would have called my best friend through age thirteen.  He has model honesty, hard work, and how to enjoy other people for me.  I am very grateful for  a great picture of being a father, friend, and man of God that my dad has given me.  He turns 63 today!  That’s pretty cool, I remember when my grandparents were 63 and it was like they were from another planet.  Now 63 seems like a few days away.  I talked with him this morning and he was out mowing the lawn and working in the yard, mind you he has had some serious health conditions including lime diseases going on this year, so while it might not be a very restful Birthday being able to be so active is reason to celebrate.  Now like any Grandfather I know hearing from me is alright but he really wants to hear from the grandgirls.  So we will give him a call or perhaps hook up a video chat with all the girls later.  
I’m terrible with getting the card and gift off on time, just sent his card this morning.  But I do try to let the people I know I love them on their Birthday.  I love my dad, he is a great man and I am looking forward to his visiting next month…that is just a few days away

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  1. >Cupcake Royale sucks donkey. Go to Trophy.

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