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iphone This title line is used by the many yet unsuccessful companies that are trying to create a better product than the iPhone.  I am using it differently. It is a confession that, yes, I am an iPhone Killer.  On top of that I am one of those people who are defined by their phone.  Two days without my iPhone I realize (1) what a remarkable device the iPhone actually is and (2) that I have become defined by my phone.  In the same way that the American car manufacturers did an amazing job of making us feel like we are our cars, and back in the day you wanted to be a Cadillac.  The phone companies have done the same, and I want to be an iPhone again.

The story is lame, it all comes down to a stupid mistake, as they all do it seems.  I ran the SeaFair Marathon last Sunday.  Now I have run many times with my phone and I have run many times with my phone in my pocket.  This time I did not take into account that the race takes me four hours, and it was 90 degrees by the end.  My short were soaked and so was my phone which in previous races was on my arm band but not this time.  Therefore is is dead and I am an iPhone killer.

Two days away from my iPhone routine and I realize how much I had wired in on that Phone.  Beyond the checking email for work and taking phone calls, there were many other activities which I am now feeling bummed out in not having as a part of my routine.  First there are my podcasts.  I daily listen to Steve Brown’s podcast each morning, I considered it part of my devotional time and it is helpful in preparing my heart for facing the world.  There are a number of weekly and every few days podcasts that I listen to that keep me up with general knowledge (This American Life) and what is happening in technology (The Gilmore Gang), as well as others including my pop culture fix (Best Week Ever).   The there is the ultimate iPhone benefit…being in the know.  Last week after a sales appointment with my boss he wanted a cup of coffee.  We were off 101 in Sunnyvale, so I hit the fo-GPS key to locate myself, then typed in Peet’s Coffee.  I was able to find the closest Peet’s (my bosses favorite coffee) that was on the way to our hotel.  That is being in the know.  My google news feed also became my waiting activity, I was able to prospect for work, keep up with current events, and read what my friends are up to, the amount of information I was able to consume was amazing.  The newspaper has no appeal to me because I don’t want anyone telling me what’s going on with their spin, I want to choose specifically who tells me what and read it when I want.  I have become one of those people, a phone snob, even worst, and iPhone snob.

Which leads me to my frustration because of my stupid choice.  This is on me, now.  Work does not pick up the tab.  The only reason that I have an iPhone is because I hit a sales goal at the end of last year and work bought me one.  Now I have to spend my own money on it.  Today if I were to get a ‘service replacement’ as the Genius at the Genius bar suggested it would cost $200.  If I wait until July 11th, I can get a 3G phone for $200.  Genius is hardly the word I would use for someone who is recommending that I spend my money on a phone today that I’ll regret having in ten days.  On top of this I am dealing with the fact that I am upset over a phone.  Yes, it was great for work, it had all my contacts in it, it was easy to use, and really looks nice.  But it is a phone.  I like it so much I really believe that it is worth $200.  That concerns me.  I am writing about my phone at 9PM at night on my blog.  Anyway I feel one part stupid and one part dirty, something about this entire ordeal makes me think Apple has me right where they want me.


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  1. >Sneaky headline from Twitter! I hate being without my phone too, I know the feeling. I once dropped my iphone in a puddle and it was completely submerged…still worked though. Phew!

  2. >great post. You need to blog more!

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