>Exposing our Children through our blogs

In blogging, family on May 8, 2008 by mstevensrev

>Yesterday I was in a session on blogging. There ended up being an interesting discussion on how we expose our children through our writing online. This was something that I have not concerned myself with assuming that the crazies are crazy and will find away to act crazy.

Now most of the bloggers agreed with that not as concerned with the security exceptions. Yet the question was asked, Would you post a pic of you kid up at the community center? Of course not, good thing to consider. Some suggestions were to wipe out the face of your kids like Michael Jackson does, the other is to make up a pseudonym for yourself and your children. Interesting. The thought was, Don’t your children have the right to created their own online identity? I don’t think so, though I think it sounds nice. Part of being a parent is integrating you kids to the world, I start the path for them being exposed, this starts with who holds your baby…so obviously wisdom must be used. The problem is there are lots of DA (dumb asses) around.

Lastly one of my favorite authors exposed her son and herself in an amazing way. Ann Lamott writes about parenting and has reached my soul. Now her son surely had plenty to overcome since he has been so publicly exposed, yet I am grateful to know some of his life. Sorry your suffering is my gain. But as I have said before it is just one more contribution to my daughters story she will share with her counselor in the future.


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