>My Grandfather Post #2

In family, Granddad on April 30, 2008 by mstevensrev

>I’ve got plenty more to highlight regarding my grandfather’s career as a pilot. In thinking about how my grandmother hooked him up has caused me to reflect on their relationship the last day. When my granddad died, or was almost dead the took him away into the ambulance unconscious. As they wheeled him out my grandmother was next to him holding his hand saying over and over again, “I love you Billy, I love you Billy.” This is after over sixty years of marriage, nine children, many years spent with him as a practicing alcoholic, seperate bedrooms, the whole soap opera.

When I was about sixteen the family decided to throw my grandparents a 50th wedding anniversary party. We rented out an old gym at their church (St. Marks), the renewed their vows. My responsibility was to DJ the event. I borrow some turn tables and speakers from some friends and set them up. The coolest part was my grandmother highlighted all the songs on her vinyl records that she thought would make for an excellent dance! I was really into jazz, especially swing at the time so I was in heaven. The family danced, all of us, and I remember even though my granddad’s health wasn’t great then, he danced a few songs, and he had a special dance with my grandmother. His dancing partner at that point for over 50 years.


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