>Montana is great

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2008 by mstevensrev

>We arrived in Whitefish, MT three days ago. Thankfully last Thursday
Ksrin called me at work and suggested we leave that night to get
through the mountain pass. It was open for about 24 hours and we made
it through and got a hotel that night. For those back east reading
this the snow does actually close down the roads out here, there are
avelanches and mudslides that will kill you.

Since arriving we have had a great time. So far I've gotten in two
days of skiing on pretty heavy powder, hoping the light stuff came in
last night. Yesterday I had to worked, sucked, but went well!

The last few days have been really fun with one of Karin's oldest
family friends, Kim, and her husband, Tim flew out. It's been really
fun to hear Karin's parents tell stories to us all because normally
they are pretty quiet. Aidyn is in heaven, I think she has a crush in

Our days have been pretty booked and I have an annoying cough. So it
is 5:30 am and I am up catching up on my books and newsfeed, while
praying for powder. Should have no problem making first chair today
since kids and the slowest if the adults are coming up at 10:00, so
hopefully we can get out the door.


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