>A Lesson from Running

In running, Theology on January 17, 2008 by mstevensrev

>People put off doing things out of fear and being out of touch with reality. If you wait until the last minute and throw something together you have two options. First if it goes well and someone says, “That was great.” You can think to yourself, “Imagine what a great job I would have done if I really committed to it.” False sense of the reality becuase even if you spent more time it might have been the same or worse. The second is if it fails you think, “I could have done better if I would have committed to it.” Also not true, you have no idea how you might have done. When you make a plan, set goals and commit to an idea or task especially one you are passionate about the stakes are much higher. You fail and it is crushing, years in the music industry and still not making it compared with getting rejected on American Idol. You succeed you realize how much hard work. Either way the outcome is real and does not leave you with any place for pretending. It is hard to do, and this morning I deeply understood why so many of us live without really committing to anything fully.


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